i love

Raised on a dairy farm 20 minutes from the beach, I spent countless hours sketching and painting in the long grass surrounded by my cows as a little girl.  Luckily for me my primary school teacher taught me how to love art in all its differing forms from marbling paper to cover our books, screen printing our school uniforms to painting the backdrops for the school play. Life then took a few twists and turns and it wasn't until I had my 2 beautiful children that my creativity returned.

I'm cathy

Hello dear friends

our cottage

rearranging constantly

my hazel eyed ones

the ocean

fresh flowers


For over 20 years now I have lived my dream of designing + making for a living.  Firstly, through catalogues and a website, designing projects for magazines, to owning a retail store and now creating bespoke pieces once more in my atelier. 
 Cathy Penton Atelier  is an extension of who I am.  My love for hand embroidery, interior design, photography, jewellery design, beautiful sayings and words and the simple details of life.

"It is always the simple that produces
the marvellous" - amelia barr

by my hand from my heart