the simple details of bespoke designing
to create not only a product but
 moments of joy.

Designer + Maker

For over 20 years now I have been able to live my dream of designing and making for a living... Firstly, through catalogues, and a web site, designing projects for magazines, to owning a retail store and now creating once more in my studio... 

Cathy Penton Atelier is an extension of who I am. My love for hand embroidery, interior design, photography, jewellery design, beautiful sayings and words and the simple details of life.....

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 I was there for the start of Cathy Penton Atelier and over the years I have watched the way this amazingly talented woman has lived, loved, created and touched the lives of everyone she comes in contact with. 

-karla obst
{kindred friend, photograper + mum of 4}

"inspired" Cathy inspires me endlessly"

morgan smith - photographer